Credit To The Nation back for eclipse festival...

Matty Hanson (AKA Credit To The Nation) returns next month with an appearance at Megadog/Essential‘s Total Eclipse festival after years in the musical wilderness.

Having made his mark in the early nineties with political hits such as ‘Call It What You Want’ and ‘Enough Is Enough’ (with Chumbawumba), Matty Hanson is now signed to EMI worldwide. A new single is released in mainland Europe on 23 August, although there are no plans as yet to release any singles in the UK. A new album (recorded last year) will be released in the coming months.

Speaking of his comeback and new material, Matty said: “I’ve moved away from the ‘violence’ of my anti-Nazi stance. The racism issue still fuels me, but the new songs are more concerned with ‘universal stories about people in general’.”


His performance at Total Eclipse (Sunday 8 August) will be preceded by a warm-up gig at the Paradise Bar (Kensal Rise, London) during the first week of August.

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