Scott Scapp says he hopes he can resume touring soon...

CREED frontman SCOTT STAPP has spoken about the car crash that led to the cancellation of a north American tour.

As previously announced, Stapp is suffering from neck and back injuries sustained when the vehicle he was driving was whacked from behind by another vehicle near Orlando, Florida (April 19).

Now, he explained to MTV news how the accident happened.

He said: “The woman behind me, I guess, wasn’t paying attention, and nailed me from behind going probably 50 or 60 miles per hour. I flew forward and my body hit the steering wheel and my head hit the windshield and I kind of came back and hit my seat. I was kind of trembling. Even my lips were trembling, and I was disoriented. I had a concussion from the whiplash and from hitting the windshield.”

Local police were called, who noted that no injuries were sustained. This, Stapp says, is because he refused initial medical treatment

He concluded: “I did that against my manager’s wishes and against the doctor’s wishes. I have a personal doctor, and I had him come and see me at my house because it immediately becomes big news if I’m in the hospital. I was trying to avoid the press.

“I’m doing OK and I’m hanging in there. But I’m having to go from one doctor’s appointment to another to find where I go from here and to find out if I can resume touring soon. (I need to know) what effects are the demands I put on my body going to have on my neck and my spine condition.”

Creed hope to return to touring later this year.