The US rockers are all heart as they re-release single...

CREED are to re-release their single ‘WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN’ in the US on September 26 to help launch frontman SCOTT STAPP‘s charity of the same name.

The God-rockers hope to raise $200,000 to help start up the charity, with a goal of reaching $400-$500K by the end of the year. Stapp set up the organization in association with Creed‘s label Wind Up Records in order to “promote healthy, loving relationships between children and their families,” according to a statement. The singer started the company with his own initial investment of $25,000.

“I’ve always wanted to start an organisation to help support families and children,” he said. “I am finally in a position to do so on a national level and I’m excited by the prospect of being able to give something back to the communities that have been so supportive of us.”

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