Creed’s Scott Stapp confirms bipolar disorder diagnosis and says he’s ‘lucky to be alive’

"I drove around the United States for a month, following an angel that I saw on the hood of my car," Stapp says

Creed frontman Scott Stapp has revealed he suffers from bipolar disorder after making headlines earlier this year for his increasingly erratic behaviour.

In 2014 Stapp alleged that the IRS froze his bank account and that his “civil rights have been violated” leaving him homeless.

The singer also accused his family of being members of ISIS and attempting to assassinate President Obama, Stapp has now told People that he suffers from bipolar disorder – a medical condition which consists of periods of extreme, uncontrollable moods – and that recent events were “a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse”.

“I was hallucinating. I drove around the United States for a month, following an angel that I saw on the hood of my car,” Stapp told People. “In my delusional thinking, I thought my family was involved in ISIS, and that millions of dollars had been taken from me to support terrorism. All of it was nonsense. I was out of my mind.”

Stapp continues to say that his diagnosis was initially “hard to process”. He added, “There’s a stigma associated with it. But [wife] Jaclyn kept telling me, ‘Embrace it. We love you.’ It became a big sign of relief, because finally, we had an answer.”

The singer said he remains defiant to move on from recent incidents, “I’m lucky to be alive. Nothing is more important than my sobriety,” he said. Stapp’s wife Jaclyn, who was previously reported to have filed for divorce from the singer, added, “I definitely knew there was something going on for years, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was.”

Stapp says he’s currently undergoing intensive therapy, as well as taking medication.

Scott Stapp released his second solo album ‘Proof of Life’ in November 2013. Creed’s last album ‘Full Circle’ came out in 2009.