Creed singer Scott Stapp’s wife allegedly claims he’s threatening to ‘assassinate’ President Obama

The frontman is thought to have escaped from a mental health facility

The wife of troubled Creed frontman Scott Stapp has allegedly told the police that her husband is a paranoid schizophrenic and is “threatening to assassinate” President Obama.

Stapp made headlines last month after he revealed that he is “broke and homeless”. The singer released a series of videos detailing his dire financial situation, alleging that the IRS have frozen his bank account and that his “civil rights have been violated” leaving him homeless.

Despite Stapp’s persistent claims of sobriety, his estranged wife Jaclyn Stapp has asserted that he is “deep into drugs” and “leaving messages that his son’s school is about to be attacked by Isis”.

Now, according to TMZ, Jaclyn and Stapp’s sister-in-law have told police in a 911 call that he is under the impression he’s a CIA agent with a mission to kill Obama.

Audio from the supposed call shows an alarmed Jaclyn Stapp telling police that her husband – from whom she recently filed for divorce – has escaped from a mental health facility.

Earlier this month, Stapp launched a crowdsourcing campaign to fund his next solo album. The musician is attempting to raise £300,000 for the recording of his third solo album. Stapp has also stated his intention to write a novel, which would be his first work of fiction to date.

Stapp released his latest record ‘Proof Of Life’ in 2013, following his 2005 debut ‘The Great Divide’. Creed are currently defunct and released their last LP, ‘Full Circle’, in 2009.

It is estimated that Stapp had a wealth of £19 million at the height of the US metal band’s success.