The Cribs discuss their ‘raw’ new album and working with Nirvana producer Steve Albini

The Cribs have opened up on the ‘raw’ sound of their new album and say that it came from a desire to revisit the approach to recording that they favoured during the early days of their career.

The Wakefield band are gearing up to release their seventh album ’24-7 Rock Star Shit’ next month which sees them reuniting with Nirvana producer Steve Albini after he previously worked on 2012’s ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’.

Describing the new record, guitarist Ryan Jarman told NME: “I think there’s always been this part of us that has wanted to make something more raw. When we started the band we never really pictured ourselves making records that got into the chart or got on the radio, it wasn’t really what we envisioned.


“We always thought our records would be made very quickly and very raw and over time we kind of softened our stance on that. I think since we first recorded with Steve Albini back in 2011 that has always been the next thing on the agenda.”

Praising Albini’s efforts on the new record, he added: “He was so quick to make the record and I’ve always loved the sound of his album. The way that he records is like a path street and it’s perfect for a band like us because it’s a case of setting up live and playing live, getting the energy in a much more direct way than working with anyone else.”

And as they gear up to release their seventh album, Jarman also admitted that the band’s famously committed fan base is the sole reason for their continued success and longevity.

“It’s never necessarily been a conscious thing, but maybe the trick to longevity with us is that we tried to create something other than just the music, giving people something to believe in I suppose”, he opened up.

The Cribs will release ’24-7 Rockstar Shit’ next month


“It sounds very grandiose but it wasn’t a decision,  it was us living in the way that we saw fit and it struck a chord with people. So I would say that’s the main thing about it – being about more than just the music, having a belief that stands at odds with what people consider our peers’ route to be.

“I think that’s what made us stand out and it’s what fostered not just longevity but a fanbase that kind of live or die by us, and that’s amazing, it’s something that we feel really lucky about.”


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