MEPs got rappers to represent them at a European youth event and it was next level cringe

The kids love rap, right?

A group of MEPs had rappers represent them at a European youth event in Strasbourg last weekend.

The event on June 1 was called ‘Battle4yourvote’ and saw four teams battle it out for the audience’s vote. Each team contained MEPs from different political parties, and each had a professional freestyle rapper.

The teams each rapped about a different political agenda, which was given to them at the start of the battle.


Present were MEP Tomas Zdechovsky and rapper Gramski, representing the centre-right pro-European political party, along with MEPs Tiemo Wolken and Brando Benifei with London-based rapper Dekay, for the European socialists.

Liberals were represented by MEP Dita Charanzova and hip-hop artist MC Angel, while the Greens had MEPs Karima Delli and Terry Reintke with hip-hop artist Felman.

Watch the battle below.

London-based rapper Dekay opens the battle rapping: ‘Honestly, equality is part of our policy / All we want for young people is democracy.”

During her section, Karima Delli can be seen wearing a backwards cap and getting into it while MC Angel spits: “We be getting bombed by ISIS when we’re divided, united we’re stronger, this can’t be ignored any longer.”


The bizarre event intended to promote the European Union to youngsters, and was organised by the EU40, an organisation of young MEPs under the age of 40.

The socialists won the battle, as voted for the young people in attendance.

This isn’t the first time music and politics have become intertwined – last summer, before the snap general election, #grime4corbyn began trending, with the grime community getting behind Labour MP, Jeremy Corbyn.

The movement hoped to inspire political engagement in the youth, capitalising on the buzz created by rapper JME’s interview with Corbyn