The 62 year-old star is apprehended in New York after mistakenly leaving a suitcase behind in his hotel...

Legendary rocker DAVID CROSBY is free on bail after being arrested on charges of drug and gun possession.

The 62 year-old star, who found fame in Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash in the ’60s, was arrested on Saturday (March 6) at a Manhattan hotel after an employee claimed to have found marijuana, a loaded .45-caliber pistol and two knives in his bag, the New York Times quoted police as saying.

It’s reported that Crosby had mistakenly left the piece of luggage behind at the Double Tree Suites hotel in Times Square, and when he arranged to pick it up, police promptly arrested him. A hotel employee allegedly discovered the marijuana and gun while trying to establish who the owner of the suitcase was

After his arrest, Crosby was brought before a judge, who released him on $3,500 bail and ordered him to return to court on May 19.

In 1985 Crosby spent a year in jail on a drug possession charge. The conviction was later overturned. While in prison, Crosby reportedly overcame his addictions and his recovery paved the way for a liver transplant in 1994.