Crowded House speak over reunion

Neil Finn's band confirm new studio album and tour

Crowded House have discussed their reunion, which will include a new studio album as well as a tour.

As previously reported the band are to include Coachella festival in California as part of their tour itinerary. The first steps towards a reunion came when Nick Seymour started to play bass on Neil Finn’s proposed new solo album.

In a statement, frontman Neil Finn said: “After spending most of last year making music and hanging out with my friend Nick Seymour we are now announcing our intention to reform Crowded House with a new record entitled ‘Time On Earth’.


“It feels right to us that the band should re-emerge at this time and together with Mark Hart (guitarist) we look forward to reconnecting with the audience that we established and whom we still hold a deep respect.”

Finn commented on the absence of drummer Paul Hester, who took his own life in 2005. He said: “We are conscious that Paul Hester was above all a great drummer and we are currently auditioning to find someone special to take that role.”

Aside from the Coachella date, tour plans are yet to be announced.

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