Crowdfunder launched to help disabled DJ Wheels fulfil “lifelong dream” of playing in Ibiza

The DJ, who has cerebral palsy, is looking to raise £4,000

A fundraiser has been launched to help DJ Wheels, a DJ with severe cerebral palsy, attend his booking in Ibiza next month.

The Sussex-based DJ, whose real name is Adam Burden, has regularly played across UK parties and festivals, has a deal with Vandit Records and hosted shows across a variety of his local stations.

DJ Wheels had always dreamed of playing in Ibiza and the opportunity rose for him to play at this year’s Ocean Awareness Weekender in October. However, he requires extra funding to pay for extra costs associated with his cerebral palsy and is unable to travel without support from his care team.


“For Adam to live his dream, he needs £4000,” reads the fundraiser page. “This will pay for specialist care equipment in Ibiza, along with travel and expenses cost for his two amazing PAs that enable him to live life the way he wants to live it.

“Without this extra support, Adam will not be able to fulfil his lifelong dream which he has worked so hard to achieve.”

“Adam has severe cerebral palsy and, for nearly 6 years, was confined to the four walls of his flat because he didn’t have the right disability support,” the page begins. “This significantly impacted Adam’s health both physically, and mentally, leaving him with little hope for the future.

“3 years ago, Adam finally got the disability support he deserved and he has gone from strength to strength achieving one inspirational feat after another.

“Music is Adam’s passion. He has spent his whole life longing to showcase his incredible talent, but was unable to do so because he didn’t have the support in place.”


You can donate to the fundraiser here.

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