Did a cryptic My Chemical Romance tweet predict the 2019 Chilean uprising?

Tweet presages scare the living shit out of me

A My Chemical Romance tweet from 2011 appears to have predicted the recent Chilean uprising – eight years before it took place.

The mysterious tweet ended with the words “Stay safe in 2019”. It was posted during the band’s ‘Danger Days’ era, which was partially built around a post-apocalyptic mythology set in 2019, potentially explaining the mention of that year. However it seems the band didn’t play Chile while touring that album, leaving many to speculate why they specifically directed the message at that country.

Some protests took place in Chile on January 14 2011, so it seems likely the band were simply making a respectful gesture while referencing the themes of ‘Danger Days’. Some fans, however, have been spooked by the tweet’s prescience given the current political unrest in Chile.

Check out the posts below:

Last week (November 2) the band admitted they did not expect such a warm welcome back after announcing that they were reforming for the first time in six years for a reunion gig.

On Thursday (October 31), the band announced a comeback show at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall taking place on December 20. Tickets went on sale on Friday (November 1) and sold out in minutes.

The band took to Instagram to thank fans for the incredible reception they’ve received since announcing their return, adding that they didn’t expect it.