Crystal Castles escape police in getaway car

Band reveal how they escaped the clutches of the law

Crystal Castles have revealed how they used a getaway car to escape from Brighton police – after officers were called during a particularly raucous show by the electro duo.

Ethan Kath told The Independent that during a recent festival show in the coastal town, which he didn’t specify, authorities were called because of the frenetic antics of frontwoman Alice Glass.

“They called the cops on Alice for riling up the crowd,” he explained. “After our show, the promoter said the police were there to arrest her and we needed to disappear, so we had to get in a getaway car.”

Elaborating on why the police may have been called, Kath added, “The live experience is all about Alice.

“She is a mental case on stage, and is just uncontrollable. She loses herself in the music. After the show, she is covered in bruises and she can’t remember how they got there.”