Stream Crystal Castles’ new album ‘Amnesty (I)’ online in full

Proceeds from the LP go to charity

Crystal Castles have released their new album ‘Amnesty (I)’, which is now streaming online. Scroll below to listen.

The band’s new record ‘Amnesty (I)’ is their first with new singer Edith Frances, who recently replaced the departing Alice Glass. It is their first album since 2012 and their fourth LP overall.

The duo have also confirmed that all their share of proceeds from the record will go to human rights charity Amnesty International.


Multi-instrumentalist Ethan Kath explained to NME how ‘Amnesty (I)’ was inspired by being asked to produce a song for an Amnesty International charity release. “I said I believe in what they’re doing so much 
that I’d make an album instead, and that’s what this is,” Kath said.

“This album has themes of freedom and liberation from oppression,” continued Frances. “So it just seemed natural to support what we’d written about. I’ve 
been writing papers about things that are violating human rights and I think it’s really important to get the people who are listening talking about it, and talking about change.”

In this week’s NME, Crystal Castles also spoke about the recent criticism they’ve faced following the unveiling of their new-look line-up.

Original frontwoman Alice Glass left the band in 2014, with existing instrumentalist Ethan Kath later replacing her with new singer Edith Frances.

Glass and Kath have engaged in a public dispute since the former’s departure and the latter’s decision to continue the group without her. Glass has described herself as “frustrated” and “deeply miserable” during her career with Kath.


Crystal Castles were later dropped from a feminist showcase at South-by-South-West festival after criticism following comments from Glass that Kath “is not an appropriate artist to be performing at a feminism-centric event”.

Speaking to NME in this week’s free magazine, available nationwide today (August 19), Kath said: “We don’t even pay attention [to the criticism]; we don’t care… Because we’ve just been focused on writing, and because the shows were so fun, we didn’t even check up on it.”