Crystal Castles’ ‘Madonna’ T-shirt logo dispute over

Artist Trevor Brown receives payment from the band

A dispute between Crystal Castles and artist Trevor Brown, revolving around the band’s famous ‘bruised Madonna‘ logo, has been resolved after years of wrangling between the two parties.

The Canadian duo began using the logo, designed by Brown, after seeing it on a flyer in 2006.

They since used it on T-shirts that they sold on tours – with the item becoming hugely popular with their fanbase.


Brown accused the pair of not paying him royalties or properly crediting him for the logo.

However, the artist has now revealed that the band’s management have brought the dispute to a close by paying him for the use of the logo and buying the rights to the image from him.

Writing on the Baby Art blog, Brown wrote that he was ecstatic with the result.

“Hallelujah. It’s a miracle, there is a god!” he wrote. “Crystal Castles have redeemed themselves – I’ve been paid off!”

Brown added that the band’s management apologised for the fiasco and wrote that he hoped a line could be drawn under the affair.

“I think Crystal Castles have paid the penalty for their indiscretions,” he wrote. “Let’s move on.”


The band themselves meanwhile explained to NME.COM: “It took us a while to build up our collection of pennies but we finally saved enough money to pay the man who drew the image which we have taken as our logo.”

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