Crystal Castles nearly pulled offstage at Glastonbury

Glastonbury crew aren't too happy with the singer's antics

Crystal Castles‘ show at Glastonbury tonight (June 29) was almost shut down mid-gig due to singer Alice Glass‘s extreme onstage antics.

Taking to the John Peel Stage slightly later than scheduled at 7.40pm (BST), the Canadian outfit were nearly pulled offstage after just a few songs as lead singer Alice Glass clambered to the top of a speaker stack.

Tearing around the stage and frequently diving in the photo pit Glass – who was wearing red tights, skirt and black leather jacket – bandmate Ethan Kath and their live drummer were cut off in their prime.


With the tent pretty much packed to the edges, and the crowd loudly cheered Glass‘s efforts – however, it seemed the John Peel Stage organisers were less impressed.

After climbing to the top of the left speaker stack for the first few notes of ‘Alice Practice’, the lights and music were suddenly shut down, leaving a confused Glass stood on top of the speakers unsure of what to do next.

Eventually the singer climbed back down to the stage and declaring: “They’re shutting us off! Who’s in charge?”

The crowd booed until the music came back on and a reanimated Glass gyrated on stage as crowd clapped and chanted along.

As crowd surfers swarmed towards the stage throughout the show, Glass interacted with them, spending much of the gig standing in the photographer’s pit hanging over the barriers as security guards held her so she wasn’t swallowed up by the crowd.

However despite the electric atmosphere, the band wrapped up their set in just 20 minutes as they hit their curfew.


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