Crystal Fighters return with a bold video for new song ‘Boomin’ In Your Jeep’

It's the first single under their new deal with Warner Bros. Records.

Crystal Fighters have returned with a storming video for new single ‘Boomin’ In Your Jeep’.

The band have recently signed to Warner Bros. Records and ‘Boomin’ In Your Jeep’ marks the trio’s first release since the signing.

The video sees the band and their group of friends enjoying a ride in a jeep through the heart of the Mojave Desert, before ending up at an abandoned airplane. They also make plenty of time to have a little dance to the pop banger. You can watch the video for ‘Boomin’ In Your Jeep’ below.

Keyboardist Gilbert Vierich spoke of the band’s new direction, saying that despite the unknown territory, they’ll still be staying true to their artistic values.

“It’s a new journey with a new sound and a new approach that’s still true to our core values,” he said. “We’ll always be about mixing sounds, and combining the old with the new. We also see ourselves as global citizens; dreaming of a world without borders and of music without genres.”

The new song was written on the same MPC that frontman Bast Pringle has used since he was a teenager. It was also recorded in the same warehouse where they created their debut collection ‘Star of Love’.

The video was directed by Tyler Yee, who has previously worked with G-Eazy and A$AP Ferg.