Halloween special: What is Lovefoxxx scared of?

CSS singer reveals what gives her the heebie jeebies…

CSSLovefoxxx has explained that she is scared of ghostly spirits and séances to raise them.

The singer told NME.COM that she definitely believes in ghosts and believes those in the afterlife should be left in peace.

“I don’t like…spirits. You know that thing where you have a glass on the floor and the glass breaks? Like a séance?” she declared. “I don’t like it. Where I grew up going into the dark and contacting dead people was a big thing – it’s what kids did for fun.”

She added: “I do believe in ghosts, though. My aunt died in a horrible car accident and one time I was roller-skating around the house and I thought I saw my aunt sitting there. Then I fell down. I had a dream that she told me to take care of my cousin who was nine months younger than me. Then I stopped talking to her when I was 13, which was the age that my aunt asked me to take care of her until. I really do believe in ghosts and I believe I saw my aunt.”

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