Have you got a suit or some smart clothes? Can you sing "We're just a bunch of losers?" The Cuban Boys could have a job for you...

THE CUBAN BOYS, who scored a massive hit last year with ‘THE HAMSTER SONG’ aka ‘Cognoscenti Vs Intelligensia’, are appealing for fans to star as extras in the video for their new single, ‘INERTIA KICKS’.

The video for ‘Inertia Kicks’, which is released on May 15 through EMI, is being filmed at the Black Island Studios in London this Friday (April 7). It will be set in a peep show, with the band performing while a group of smart looking people pay money to see the band.

The extras, who will play the smart people, will jump around and shout the single’s chorus to the band, which runs “Losers, we’re just a bunch of losers”.

Anyone who wants to get involved in the video must be available from approximately 9am until 6pm this Friday, and own a suit or smart clothes.

Fans should visit the Cuban Boys website, [url=] and send an e-mail to the band saying what they look like, and why they should be used. The best answers will be picked out, and winners will be notified before Friday.

The Cuban Boys have also filmed an internet ‘docusoap’ to be broadcast in four parts in the run up to the release of their new single. The film will available via their website, and deals with the band’s rise to fame. A spokesperson for the band told that the series was “immensely tongue-in-cheek”, and was not intended to be taken at all seriously.

The Cuban Boys album, ‘Eastwood’, is scheduled for a September release on EMI. It is titled after Stephen Eastwood, the former Teletext writer, who was one of the first journalists to interview the band.