The group are to release a single designed to unite all the nations taking part in the soccer tournament...

THE CUBAN BOYS are to follow Fat Les and UNION JACKSON by recording a song for the EURO 2000 football championship.

However, rather than pitching behind their national side, The Cuban Boys’ claim that their single, ‘Inertia Kicks’, is a song designed to unite all the European nations taking part.

They also claim the track’s chorus “Losers! We’re just a bunch of losers!” retains more of the spirit of Fat Les‘s former terrace anthem ‘Vindaloo’ than their current reworking of ‘Jerusalem’.

The Cuban Boys have tagged their track the Official Euro 2000 Unauthorized Anthem.

‘Inertia Kicks’ won’t match the success of the band’s last single ‘Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia’ (better known as The Hamster Dance Song) which made the top five and challenged for the Christmas number One.

The single will be limited edition (1,000 copies) with five tracks and will therefore be ineligible for the charts. It will be released through The Cuban Boys own Stone the Kubist Records on June 12.

Euro 2000 kicks off this weekend (June 10) and is hosted by both Belgium and Holland.