Rapper CupcakKe’s videos removed from YouTube for ‘nudity and sexual content’

The Charli XCX collaborator isn't happy with the platform

Rapper CupcakKe has had some of her music videos removed from YouTube for violating their policy on sexual content.

The visuals for ‘Deepthroat’ and ‘Duck Duck Goose’ have been taken down from the online streaming service. The pages now display a message reading: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.”

CupcakKe – who has collaborated with Charli XCX – has taken to Twitter to air her frustrations over the platform’s action.

I kn the fuck y’all didn’t deleted deepthroat video off YouTube at 23 million views,” she said. “PUT IT BACK UP NOW”.

She later posted: “And they just deleted duck duck goose one more and my entire channel is gone”.

Fans aren’t happy, either. One user has hit-out at Youtube for not allowing CupcakKE to express herself artistically – with the rapper then retweeting the post.

“I want two of @CupcakKe_rapper ‘s videos back on because they were deleted for absolutely no reason,” the Tweet reads. “She is a human being and has the right and full authority to express what she does through music, it isn’t a porno, it’s a VOICE”.

The artist’s video for ‘Fullest’ is still listed on YouTube. Check it out below.

CupcakKe has worked with Charli XCX on the 2017 track ‘Lipgloss’. She also features on ‘I Got It’, taken from ‘Pop 2’.

‘Duck Duck Goose’ is featured on the rapper’s latest LP ‘Ephorize’.