The Cure to headline ‘around 20 festivals’ in 2019

Could Glasto be calling?

The Cure have revealed that they’ll be playing ‘around 20 festivals next year’ – with most of them taking place in Europe.

Earlier this year, Smith revealed that The Cure would soon be recording new material and touring again next year – teasing that they could ‘maybe’ headline Glastonbury 2019. Now, Robert Smith has taken to Twitter to tell fans that they’ll be on heavy rotation on the festival circuit.

“We will be headlining around 20 festivals next summer, mostly in Europe,” wrote Smith – before directing fans to the band’s website and Facebook page for the latest information.

Asked if they might headline Glastonbury next year in a recent interview, Smith replied: “Yeah, maybe. We haven’t had a happy history with Glastonbury over the years. Although we’ve headlined three times, we’ve never been on the best of terms. I don’t know if they forgive and forget. There are enough other festivals for us to play.”

He also added that they’re hoping to tour to celebrate the anniversary of their classic album ‘Disintegration’.

Speaking about new material in the summer, Smith said that he had “hardly written any words” since their last album ‘4:13 Dream’ in 2008, but was inspired by the discoveries he made in curating this year’s Meltdown Festival.

“I have tried to write songs about something other than how I felt but they’re dry, they’re intellectual, and that’s not me,” he told The Guardian.

Asked if he would be disappointed if the band were to never make another album, Smith replied: “I would now, yeah. Because I’ve committed myself to going into the studio and creating songs for the band, which I haven’t done for 10 years.

“Meltdown has inspired me to do something new because I’m listening to new bands. I’m enthused by their enthusiasm. So if it doesn’t work, I’ll be pretty upset, because it will mean that the songs aren’t good enough.”