The Cure’s Robert Smith reveals three new albums are in the works

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The Cure‘s Robert Smith has revealed that the goth-rock icons have three new albums in the works – with the first potentially arriving before the end of 2019.

After previously revealing that their next effort will be shaped by the “darkness” of losing his mother, father and brother, Smith confirmed plans for a release before the end of the year in a new interview with Zocalo.

“Actually I have prepared three albums, two of them more advanced. The first will be the one that we will release very soon. I think that the first single, or the whole album, will come out this Christmas, or a little earlier. It has the title of ‘Live From the Moon’ and it will surely change its name,” said Smith.


While the album will mark the band’s first since 2008’s ‘4:13 Dream‘, it seems that fans won’t have to wait long for a follow-up to the new record either.

“The second album, which I already have more advanced, refers to much freer pieces and with a more pronounced, stronger sound, and that to record them has to be live, yes, with that experience of putting together a concept based on the interpretation of the moment,” Smith continued.

The Cure live at Mad Cool 2019

“The third, which is crazy, is a noise disc, with different aspects and environments, all based on experiences on a stage or on my paths, in situations where noise is present and to which we are so accustomed that we don’t pay attention.”

This comes after Smith told NME that the entire band would be “bitter” if a new record didn’t arrive before the end of 2019.


Smith said: “I feel intent on it being a 2019 release and would be extremely bitter if it isn’t. At some point I will have to say ‘this is it’, otherwise we’ll just keep recording like we have done in the past. It never gets any better. We’re due one more session then we’re done.”

He continued: “I think I’m generally more of a balanced individual than I was 10 years ago. I’ve experienced more of life’s darker side, for real.”

To continue The Cure’s 40 anniversary celebrations, The Cure will be releasing the CURÆTION-25 set along with their 2018 Hyde Park gig on October 18 as either a limited edition boxset (2Blu-ray/2DVD + 4CD’s) or regular hardbook (2Blu-ray/2DVD).

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