Cut Copy debut new song at six locations worldwide including Blaina, South Wales

Fans will have to travel to one of the six specific global locations if they want to hear new tune 'Free Your Mind'

Cut Copy have claimed to have unveiled a brand new song called ‘Free Your Mind’ – but it can only be heard at six specific locations worldwide.

The band posted on their Facebook page yesterday (September 6): “A new song has made it’s way into the world, and six global locations have just been revealed. We invite you to journey to one of these locations, open on your mobile device (enable location services) and FREE YOUR MIND.”

The band have had ‘Free Your Mind’ billboards erected at each of these locations, and if fans follow the instructions, they will apparently be able to stream the track through their mobile phone as they stand beneath the billboard.


Two of the global locations are in the US, one is in Australia, one is in Mexico and one is in Chile. The sixth location is in the UK and according to co-ordinates posted on the band’s Twitter feed it can be found in the small town of Blaina, South Wales.

Meanwhile, Cut Copy recently unveiled another new song called ‘Let Me Show You’ through the more inclusive means of SoundCloud – hear it below. Both tracks are expected to feature on the band’s forthcoming fourth album, currently untitled, which will be their follow-up to 2011’s ‘Zonoscope’.