Listen to new Cymbals Eat Guitars track ‘4th of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)’

Band's fourth album 'Pretty Years' comes out on September 16

Cymbals Eat Guitars have shared a new track from their upcoming album.

The US band will release their fourth album ‘Pretty Years’ on September 16 via Sinderlyn/Captured Tracks.

Having already released lead single ‘Wish’, the group have now followed it up with ‘4th of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)’ (the title is a reference to Bruce Springsteen). Hear that below.


Frontman Joseph D’Agostino says of the track: “Cymbals was in the middle of a 7 week summer tour and we happened to be in Philadelphia on the 4th of July with no show to play because of the holiday. I’d been friendly with Alex G since we toured with them in 2014, and Sam and Alex invited me to hang out with them and shoot off fireworks at the coal pier. I met them at a parking lot in Kensington where they were hanging out with friends. There was no more room in the band’s van, so I took a ride from Alex’s friend, who turned out to be extremely intoxicated. He began driving very erratically, and when we reached the parking lot near the coal pier, he flew through the middle of a little gathering of people who were lighting Roman candles and sparklers. Everyone in the car (myself, John and Sam from Alex G) was completely terrified.”

“The driver stopped the car not too far from where he had wrecked the fireworks display, got and began walking away. The rest of us got out to catch our breath and thank our lucky stars, when two imposing gentlemen (one with a gun and one with a 2×4) came charging over. They were justifiably furious, as their children and families had been nearby when the person who was driving our car sped through so recklessly. They themselves were also quite drunk, and I (stone sober) after being pushed to the ground and menaced, had to convince them that we were sober and hadn’t been driving the vehicle. Things could have gone south very quickly for John and Sam and I, if I hadn’t been able to appeal to their better judgement. They later found the driver and knocked him out with a 2×4. Alex had to drive him to the hospital at 4 in the morning.”

“In days after that harrowing evening, I was able to shake a persistent depression that had been dogging me for much of the year up to that point. I was happy to be alive, and began noticing the beauty of the world again. But slowly, regular life began to muddy that clarity and elation, as it always does.”

Listen to previous single ‘Wish’ beneath: