Cyndi Lauper demands ‘True Colors’ be removed from US political smear ad

Singer pulls song from an advertisement attacking presidential hopeful Mitt Romney

Cyndi Lauper has demanded that her hit single ‘True Colors’ be removed from a political advertisement which attacks US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

The singer, who is most well known for her 1980s hit ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, discovered late last week that her song was being used in the advertisement and then asked for the track to be removed, reports Spinner.

She revealed her decision over Twitter, writing: “Got a phone call saying my version of ‘True Colors’ was used in commercial trashing Romney. 1st, I never approved it. Not that I am a supporter, I’m not. But I wouldn’t have wanted that song to be used in that way. Whoever used my song should have asked, and 2nd, realized that Mr Romney can discredit himself without the use of my work.”

Lauper then confirmed that the advert had been removed, but reaffirmed that she was not a supporter of Romney and that she had not removed the advert for that reason.

This is the second time in recent months that a US politician has courted musical controversy. Tom Petty threatened Republican congresswoman and former presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann with legal action last year after she used his 1977 single ‘American Girl’ without his permission.