A Californian youth group are campigning to have Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Cypress Hill's albums removed from sale...

DR DRE, JAY-Z and CYPRESS HILL have been targeted by DAY ONE, a CALIFORNIAN youth group, campaigning against what they see as favourable references to marijuana use in hip-hop.

Fifteen members of the collective picketed a Target shop, part of a large US chain, in Pasadena on Friday (November 17) asking the chain to stop selling albums by these artists and any others carrying parental advisory stickers.

Diana Robles, a 19-year old claiming to be a ‘youth advocate’ for the group, issued a statement saying “We have had enough, and we need to send a stronger message: ‘Keep the drugs out of our culture’.”

A Target spokesperson bounced away the call saying: “We don’t feel it’s our job, but the parents’ responsibility, to monitor what their children are buying. The stickers were designed as a tool for parents, and we feel any additional action would be akin to censorship.”

The group had earlier written an open letter to Dr Dre through The Hollywood Reporter, saying:

“Many young people, who see you as a role model, do what you rap about. Some even believe it’s okay to get high. Some of your music is sending the wrong message to kids.”

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