It's bongs all the way as B-Real and Eric Bobo report regularly on the jaunt with Limp Bizkit...

Cypress Hill‘s B-REAL and ERIC BOBO are posting daily updates from their current US tour on their website.

The band are currently in the middle of a free, Napster-sponsored tour with Limp Bizkit. Both B-Real and Bobo are posting a daily tour diary on the band’s official website, [url=], to “give fans a chance to find out what life on the road is like”.

In the reports, B-Real talks about what it is like on stage with the band, his thoughts on touring with Limp Bizkit, and their daily routines.

Speaking about the band’s show in Detroit, Michigan, he said: “We were all just chillin’ out doin’ our own thing. Some of us were smoking in my room, others were fuckin’ around at the mall. The concern of the day was to find a six-foot bong. Usually the mighty six-footer accompanies us everywhere, but a few years back the trusty Cypress Hill lung eliminator was shatter by the hands of a careless roadie. We haven’t seen him since… we finally found a place that had a four-footer…it worked nicely.

“We were havin’ a pretty good show. No matter how good it’s going there’s always room to fuck up. And I did. Let’s just say I’m a stoner and I can forget things. Like the beginning line to the last verse of ‘Rock Superstar’. It’s the equivalent of a football player like a running back goin’ for the touchdown and getting hit and fumbling the ball in the end zone.”

Cypress Hill release a new double A-side single, ‘Highlife/You Can’t Get The Best Of Me’ on August 21 through Ruffhouse/Columbia. The single coincides with the band’s performance at this year’s V2000 festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Stafford over the weekend of August 19-20.

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