Cypress Hill talk new album’s ‘pretty tripped-out’ sound

The group's upcoming record will be helmed by long-time producer DJ Muggs

Cypress Hill‘s B-Real has discussed the group’s upcoming LP, revealing the influence of having founding producer DJ Muggs back at the helm.

Muggs was largely absent on previous studio album, 2010’s ‘Rise Up’, contributing to just two songs. In Muggs’s absence, B-Real himself served as the album’s main producer.

In an interview with Billboard, B-Real spoke of Muggs’s return and the album’s “psychedelic-style”.

“It’s definitely a different sound, but it definitely has that Cypress Hill flavour. We haven’t worked with Muggs for quite some time and this is the first album coming back into his production style and so far it’s been pretty aggressive songs here and there and pretty tripped-out songs psychedelic-style,” said B-Real. “It’s gonna be different, but I know that Cypress fans are gonna love that shit. Some new fans might dig it too.”

The last time Muggs fully produced a Cypress Hill album was 2004’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part’. Reunited with fellow founding members B-Real and Sen Dog, the group’s upcoming album is currently untitled and a release date has not been announced.

“Muggs has got so many tricks up his sleeve in the studio,” added B-Real. “So the track could start off one way and it’ll end up a whole different way, so you can’t get used to it when you’re recording it. And as far as Sen Dog and myself we’ve managed to get in front of a lot of different music in all this time. We’ve had a chance to write to so many different things that we can pretty much adapt to anything that somebody gives to us as productions. We can come up with something cool. But with Muggs it’s a little different because that’s somebody we have history with, we have a connection with, we have chemistry with, so when it comes together it’s something different then when you work with somebody else. There’s a little bit more to it I think.”