B-Real sheds light on the group's surliness at last month's V2000 festival...

Cypress Hill rapper B-REAL has shed light on the rumours circulating the band they are on the verge of splitting.

As reported on following the V2000 festival in August, insiders claimed the band were barely speaking to each other prior to their performances at the festival in Stafford and Chelmsford (August 19-20).

Now, in his regular diary via the official Cypress Hill website, [url=], B Real puts the tension down to jetlag, the fact Sen Dog almost missed his flight to the UK putting the Stafford show in jeopardy, and that their tour bus “smelled like piss”.

B-Real said: “All I can say is that we were all burned out and tired. It was a long 10-hour flight, and there was a concern that Sen Dog wasn’t going to make the flight, which made us worry a whole lot. If he hadn’t made the flight we weren’t going to make the show, which would have pissed many many people off.

“Fortunately for us, Sen Dog ended up making it. We could have got along without him but it would have been cheating the fans out of a complete Cypress Hill show. So big up to the Dog for not fucking off the commitment.

“After the flight we grabbed our bags only to find that we had been stuck with a piece of shit bus. The stereo didn’t work, the VCR didn’t work, and worst of all the bus smelled like piss.

“So being jetlagged, and pissed off about the bus situation we weren’t all the happy. To top it off the gig was two hours away. So after a ten-hour flight we still had to drive two hours. Sen Dog‘s group SX10 was supposed to play on another stage but our bus driver was one of those slow-driving motherfuckers. So they missed their gig. Then if that wasn’t enough we had gone on stage late so we had to cut our set by 20 minutes.

“Shortly after we came off stage we left the gig. We usually stay and enjoy the other acts, but there was no one I wanted to see.”

In other Cypress Hill news, the rap collective are to take part in a live webchat with fans next week. The band will chat via the website [url=] on September 13 at 7pm ET.