At least 130 people are arrested and more than 30 hurt after a disturbance at the one-day event headlined by Cypress Hill...

At least 130 music fans were arrested and more than 30 injured after a riot broke out at a one-day festival headlined by Cypress Hill and Stone Temple Pilots in BOSTON on Saturday (May 28).

Local radio station WBCN had organised the 12-hour concert, which attracted more than 50,000 people. According to reports, most of the injuries were for minor bruising . Two police officers were hurt when they tried to stop 700 fans forcing their way through barriers.

The trouble is believed to have kicked off when local metal group Godsmack took the stage and police tried to control fans by using pepper spray and batons, according to eyewitness reports.

A police spokesperson said another rock gig featuring Korn, Metallica and Kid Rock would go ahead, and officers would be better prepared for it. He also appealed for fans to be “a little better behaved”.