Let's hope they get out of Limp Bizkit's moshpit alive first...

Cypress Hill are planning to release a live album before the end of the year.

The band will play a special one-off show in the US at the San Francisco Fillmore Theatre on August 16, which will be filmed for the band to use as a live album, video and DVD – tentatively scheduled for release on December 11.

The live video which will accompany the release is said to feature some of the band’s videos and other documentary footage.


In other Cypress Hill news, band members B-Real and Eric Bobo continue to provide a daily update from their Napster sponsored, free, ‘Back To Basics’ US tour with Limp Bizkit on their website, [url=] Speaking in the current entry from San Jose, B-Real reveals he watched Limp Bizkit‘s set from the moshpit. He said: “I just had to be in the crowd for this one. I knew we were gonna be in for some shit…people started recognising (me)… They started to freak out even more. The crazy shit came the moment Fred (Durst) decided he was gonna jump from off the cage. After he did that, people started to climb up the cage and jump from the top.

“The first guy that tried, he jumped feet first into the crowd and when people saw him comin’ they quickly moved and he busted his ass hard. You could hear him hit the floor even with the music pumpin’ loud as fuck.

“During the last song I started to surf. Fred once again had spotted me and let people know I was in there with them, which got a big pop from the crowd. Once I got to the front I was walkin’ towards the backstage but something came over me and I just had to jump right back in.”

Cypress Hill are confirmed to play at this year’s V2000 festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, and Weston Park, Staffordshire over the weekend of August 19-20.

The band also release a new single, ‘Highlife/You Can’t Get The Best Of Me’ on August 21 through Ruffhouse/Columbia.

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