'Stoned Raiders' will be relased in November...

The new CYPRESS HILL album is titled ‘STONED RAIDERS’, and will be released in November.

The record has been given a release date of November 13 in the US, which corresponds to a UK release of November 12.

The album features guest appearances from fellow rappers Method Man, Redman, MC Ren, Kurupt, Fear Factory and Downset.

A UK spokesperson for the band told NME.COM the first single from the album will be a double A-side, although the track names are as-yet-unconfirmed. It is expected the single will feature one rap track, and one rock track.

Speaking previously, group member B-Real revealed the group have recorded 40 new songs, which will be narrowed down to album length.

Hinting that the group will live instruments again on the new record in addition to their traditional hiphop roots, he said: “We tapped into something that came sorta natural to us last time. Our focus is hiphop, but we’re still gonna experiment with the band for the live show’s sake and see what else we can do. You want to constantly evolve and grow, so we’ll keep seeing where we can take it.”