The star makes a shock live appearance in London...

EMINEM performed a shock intimate club show in LONDON last night (April 9).

The star performed a whole set with his Detroit crew [a][/a] at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire to launch the outfit’s forthcoming second album, ‘D-12 World’, out April 26.

Although industry insiders predicted that Eminem would only join the crew for an encore, he kept to his word and performed the entire show that featured hits such as ‘Purple Hills’ and ‘Fight Music’, alongside new songs ’40 Oz’, ‘Six In The Morning’ and new single ‘My Band’.

‘My Band’ is an ironic comment on however much the star insists that the band are all equal, he is still lavished with the most attention.

Dressed in a red tracksuit and baseball cap, Eminem was keen to be inconspicuous, taking equal time on the mic as the rest of the band.