The band suffer an hour of agony when their transatlantic flight is diverted after a bomb threat is received...

D-12 were caught up in a mid-air bomb scare yesterday

(September 18), after the passenger jet in which they were returning to the US

was told a bomb was onboard.

The Virgin Atlantic flight was

four and a half hours into its trip from London Heathrow to

New York’s JFK when the pilot was alerted by

London that a threat had been telephoned in warning of a bomb

onboard. The plane immediately diverted to Newfoundland, where

it safely landed. However, passengers had to endure an hour between being told by

the pilot of the ‘threat’ and their safe arrival in Canada.

“The pilot told us

we were an hour from our destination and there was some confusion as this

certainly wasn’t true,” Hannah Tuchster, one of 314 people

onboard, told the Daily Mirror. “The captain then told us very

calmly there had been a bomb alert and the truth dawned on the entire plane. I

cannot believe how calm people were, although I know each one of us was

absolutely terrified.”

“All the passengers stuck together and people were

pretty calm,” D-12 manager Mikey Eckstine said.

“It was amongst the worst times I’ve ever had, but we were treated brilliantly by

the crew.”

The plane was met by bomb squad officers with sniffer dogs, who

checked every piece of the craft and luggage carried. Nothing was found. After

seven hours the passengers took off again and headed to JFK.

They landed at the airport, currently on high alert, at 9.43pm (BST).