'Devil's Night II: Halloween' is due for release early next year...

D-12 have begun work on ‘DEVIL’S NIGHT II: HALLOWEEN’ and hope to release the follow-up to their 2001 debut ‘DEVIL’S NIGHT’ in February 2004.

The Detroit rappers have enlisted the help of producer Kanye West (DMX, Jay-Z) to work on the record, though according to Rolling Stone, D-12 kingpin Eminem will handle some of the production duties alongside bandmate Kon Artis.

Founding member Proof has been developing his solo career since the release of ‘Devil’s Night’, releasing Progmatic with rapper Dogmatic in 2002, touring with Eminem‘s ‘Anger Management Tour’ and landing a role in ‘8 Mile’. However, his solo debut album, ‘Searching 4 Jerry Garcia’ was due for release earlier in the year but was delayed.