Both D12 and Natas are booted off the tour after an alleged assault takes place on Natas' rapper...

D12 have been kicked off the WARPED TOUR in the US after three dates following an alleged assault on members of underground rap group NATAS in CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY, last Friday (August 3).

One Natas rapper, Esham, is reported to have sustained a broken nose, ruptured eyeball, mild concussion and hearing loss in one ear as a result of the alleged attack, which happened in the backstage area where the tour buses are packed, according to CDNow.com.

However, according to mtv.com, the rapper’s discharge sheet at the hospital cited scrapes, contusions and bruises as his injuries. His bandmate T.N.T., escaped with minor bruising, the site reports.

Esham was treated at a nearby health centre and released. Natas have also been kicked off the bill.

Eminem was not involved, as he was not scheduled to join the tour until today (August 7), and it was unclear which, if any, specific members of D12 or their entourage of bodyguards were involved.

It is presently unclear whether charges have as yet been brought, although lawyers for Natas’ label Overcore are reportedly pursuing the matter with Camden police.

A spokesperson for D12’s label Interscope issued a statement saying: “On Friday, August 3, 2001, an incident occurred backstage at the Warped Tour, spurred by D12’s concern for the safety of their guests. As a result, both D12 and the other party involved have been asked to leave the tour.”

A spokesperson for the tour’s promoters Immortal Entertainment confirmed that both groups had been thrown off the bill, saying that any rift between the groups was not good for the morale of the tour.

At press time a UK spokesperson for D12 could not be reached.