D12’s Bizarre warns Machine Gun Kelly over dissing Eminem

"The boy gonna do you something nasty."

D12 rapper Bizarre has warned Machine Gun Kelly against dissing Eminem, after the rap icon took aim on new album ‘Kamikaze’.

As the new Eminem record dropped last Friday, fans soon realised that ‘Not Alike’ contains a direct attack on Kelly – who previously referred to Em’s daughter Hailie as being “hot as fuck”.

And I’m talking to you but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly/ I don’t use sublims and sure as f— don’t sneak-diss/ But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie’, Eminem rapped on the track.



The feud then deepened on Sunday as Kelly responded with ‘Rap Devil’. The track is a direct parody of Eminem’s  2013 track ‘Rap God’ – and sees him describing the rap icon as “sober and bored”.

Now, Eminem’s D12 bandmate Bizarre has entered the feud – and he’s warning Machine Gun Kelly from taking it further.

“I think it was good,” he said. “I think this is the best I ever heard Mr. Kelly rap in his life. I think he stayed up all night and wrote the best possible bars he possibly could, and I think it’s good for hip-hop.”

“But boy, the repercussions… oof. The boy gonna do you something nasty. Y’all better stop playing with that boy,” he added


Kelly is yet to respond to the latest threats from Bizarre.

Meanwhile, Eminem has faced controversy for his use of homophobic language on the record, with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds hitting out at him.

A response also came fro Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon who was being sampled on the track ‘Fall‘.