The dance anthem 'Touch Me' is heading for the top...

RUI DA SILVA looks likely to be Number One in the single chart this coming Sunday (January 7), as he is currently outselling chart rivals STEPS in the race become the first new chart topper of the year.

If initial sales predictions are representative of the rest of the week, the dance anthem ‘Touch Me’, which was originally scheduled for release before Christmas, should top the charts.

A chart expert at HMV in London told NME.COM that the track has had a “club buzz” for a number of months, and “has a really good chance” of reaching Number One this week.


Speaking previously to NME.COM about his chances of getting to Number One, Da Silva said: “It’s difficult to say whether it will make it. With something like this, it’s not just what kind of song it is, but the marketing behind it, the shelving in shops, all that stuff. A lot of factors determine what’s gonna make a Number One. I do think that record has a lot of potential to be a Number One record, but as to whether it will be – you’ll have to wait to see!”

Its chances have also been boosted by reports that Steps may have lost valuable sales after copies of their new single ‘It’s The Way You Make Me Feel’ were accidentally sold early by retailers.

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM shops wanted record stock before Christmas to ensure the records were available on time. As a result it went into the Top 75 before it was even released.

Despite the setbacks however, the single is expected to chart in the Top Three.

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