DaBaby sued by ex-girlfriend’s brother over brawl in bowling alley

DaBaby has claimed that it was self-defence

The brother of singer/rapper DaniLeigh is suing DaBaby over an alleged unprovoked physical attack on him at a bowling alley in Los Angeles.

Brandon Bills, whose real name is Brandon Curiel, is the brother of Danielle Leigh Curiel, whom DaBaby formerly dated and shares a daughter with.

Bills claims that DaBaby (real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) is legally liable for physically assaulting him “suddenly and without warning” as he walked past the rapper on February 9 at Corbin Bowl.

He also claimed that the incident caused him to endure “severe injury and pain” and left him “psychologically damaged”.

DaBaby has publicly claimed that he acted in self-defence. He has yet to comment publicly on the lawsuit.

The brawl, which was captured in a viral video shared by TMZ, shows Bills and DaBaby grappling and spilling onto bowling lanes before other people appear to attack Bills.

DaBaby. CREDIT: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Bills’ lawsuit, filed by lawyers Farid Yaghoubtil and Anthony Werbin, also names Corbin Bowl as a defendant. In the filing, which you can see below, the legal team accuse the establishment of legal negligence for failing to prevent an attack.

Police are allegedly investigating DaBaby following the incident. According to TMZ, DaBaby was thought to have left before the police arrived, but law enforcement sources have said they’re investigating him for assault with a deadly weapon because it’s claimed he kicked Bills in the head while he was already on the ground.

DaBaby has claimed that he acted in self-defence at the bowling alley.

Last year, DaBaby and DaniLeigh got into an altercation while on a livestream. DaBaby then called the police to remove his baby’s mother from his home following the disagreement, with DaniLeigh being charged with two counts of misdemeanour assault.

It’s been reported that the charges against DaniLeigh have since been dropped [via MTO News]. However, it’s unclear if they are still pending or not.

According to a lengthy statement shared by DaBaby after the argument was broadcast, he explained that he called the police to “swiftly remove myself from any of the ‘hostile’ behaviour put on display moments ago”.

Per a statement shared by DaniLeigh, she and DaBaby had been living together for the past three months since their daughter was born, but “tonight he wanna come into the room talking ‘bout ‘I need to go’. Don’t matter where. I’m sorry to my baby that her father is kicking her out [of] her home at three months”.

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