Dad shares video of baby daughter crying because she can’t see Slayer

The band are preparing to embark on their final ever tour

A hilarious Facebook video of a dad telling his baby daughter she “can’t go and see Slayer, baby” has ignited the band’s fanbase.

The clip, filmed by the child’s dad, finds him having to break the news to his young daughter that she won’t be allowed to go and see Slayer because “they don’t let little kids in there – Slayer’s not for little kids!”

The girl proceeds to burst into tears at the news that she won’t be allowed to go and see Slayer, who are about to embark on their final ever tour.


In the description for the video, the dad explains that he listens to Slayer with his daughter while she’s at work, which goes some way to explaining her early obsession with the thrash metal legends.

Check out the video below.

Carrie McFall, she's VERY cross with me right nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she's not even as big a Slayer fan as I am!! She's only heard a couple guitar solos here n there while I'm working in the shop, she only likes them cuz I like them. But yeah, she's mad at meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’–#futureMetalHead* Jukin Media Verified *Find this video and others like it by visiting licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.

Posted by Spike Asaurus Rex on Thursday, March 8, 2018

The California metal band have been mainstays of the scene since forming in 1981, and last released an album – β€˜Repentless’, their twelfth studio LP – back in 2015.Β The band were also been rocked by the death of founding member Jeff Hanneman,Β who passed away in 2013.

Slayer fans were shocked earlier this year by an official announcement from the band which confirmed that their 2018 world tour would also mark the last time they would ever head out on the road.

While Slayer have yet to reveal details about their last-ever touring schedule, the band did release a short teaser video today looking back on their career and promising that they will β€œmake their exit with one final world tour”.