Daddy Yankee responds to fake viral video of Radiohead covering ‘Gasolina’

Puerto Rican singer admits he thought the clip was real

Daddy Yankee – the Puerto Rican singer behind 2004 hit ‘Gasolina’ – has responded to a recent viral video which showed Radiohead appearing to cover the track.

The video was fake: Thom Yorke and band didn’t actually cover the song. Instead, a fan paired footage of the group’s lively rendition of ‘Myxomatosis’ at their Berkeley show in April with audio of the Latin hit. Scroll below to watch the clip.

Responding to the video in an interview with Rolling StoneDaddy Yankee said: “When I saw the video, I was like, ‘Is that real?!’. It was a great video, even though I thought it was real. I have a ton of respect for Radiohead. They’re a great, amazing band.”

Meanwhile, Radiohead have announced a 20th anniversary reissue of ‘OK Computer’ for 23 June. They’ll be reissuing the remastered album with b-sides and three never before released tracks of ‘I Promise’, ‘Lift’ and ‘Man Of War’ (also known among fans and ‘Big Boots’).

“Rescued from defunct formats, prised from dark cupboards and brought to light after two decades in cold storage… OK COMPUTER: the original twelve track album, three unreleased tracks and eight B-sides, all newly remastered from the original analogue tapes,” say the band in a statement.

“Inside a black box emblazoned with a dark image of a burned copy of OK COMPUTER are three heavyweight 180 gram black 12″ vinyl records and a hardcover book containing more than 30 artworks, many of which have never been seen before except by us, and full lyrics to all the tracks except the ones that haven’t really got any lyrics.”

“Under this weighty tome are yet more surprises: a notebook containing 104 pages from Thom Yorke’s library of scrawled notes of the time, a sketchbook containing 48 pages of Donwood and Tchock’s ‘preparatory work’ and a C90 cassette mix tape compiled by us, taken from OK COMPUTER session archives and demo tapes.”

They added: “To avoid accusations of wilful obscurity, a 320k MP3, 16- or 24-bit WAV download of 23 tracks will be available to you on 23rd June and a download of the cassette will be inside the box.”