Daði Freyr on Eurovision: “It’s not as cool anymore to be a hater”

Freyr also teases his "cover of a Liverpool band" at the final tonight, and what to expect from his next album

Icelandic Eurovision star Daði Freyr has spoken to NME about the shift in attitudes towards the Song Contest, as well what to expect from his performance tonight and his upcoming album.

The grand final of Eurovision 2023 will be held at Liverpool Arena tonight (Saturday May 12), with Sweden, Finland and Ukraine currently leading the bookies’ favourites to win.

Freyr is no stranger to the contest, having been set to compete with the viral song ‘Think About Things in 2020 before the event was pulled due to COVID lockdown, and eventually represented Iceland at Eurovision 2021 with his track ‘10 Years’.


“It was fun, although one of members got COVID and we had to quarantine, which was pretty boring,” he said of his last appearance at the show, speaking to NME from backstage. “I never would have written ‘10 Years’ or ‘Think About Things’ if it wasn’t for Eurovision, and it’s a huge stepping stone towards bigger things if you really capitalise on it. It’s a huge ad for me as a performer.”

Now, he’s among the likes of past competition favourites Sam Favourites, Kalush Orchestra and Netta who are set to return at tonight’s event.

“I’m doing a cover by a Liverpool band,” he teased of his performance. “I get one and a half minutes, so I’m just trying to squeeze as much of me into that as I can. The cover is also being released today.”

With a cult fan base and having appeared at indie festivals and showcase events, Freyr has enjoyed being part of the increased credibility of Eurovision in recent years.

“People are just allowed a little more to like different things,” he said. “It’s not as cool anymore to be a hater. It’s just a super-fun thing, and I think more people are just allowing themselves to enjoy it. Before there were a lot more people who made it a point to hate Eurovision.”


Away from the competition, Freyr is proud to self-produce and play every instrument on his “synth-based” that speaks of “what I’m feeling about the moment”, with more new music on the horizon soon – following on from ‘I Made An Album Part One‘ back in March.

“In two weeks I’m releasing the biggest music video that I’ve made so far and four other songs,” he said.

“It’s the second of the album that I’m releasing in August,” he said. “It’s releasing in three parts, four songs at a time. This part is a little more dance-y than the first part, and a little more electronic. There are themes of being a tired father and not getting enough sleep, but also not allowing myself to go to sleep when I probably should because I want to do a lot of stuff.

“The timing is all because of Eurovision.”

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Part two of the album ‘I’m Still Making An Album ⅔’ will be released at the end of May. Visit here for tickets and more information on his upcoming tour dates.

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