New Daft Punk ‘Tron’ track released online – video

'Derezzed' features in the new trailer for 'Tron: Legacy'

A brand new Daft Punk track from their soundtrack for the forthcoming film Tron: Legacy has been posted online.

‘Derezzed’ forms the soundtrack to a new trailer for the movie, which you can watch on the right now.

The movie, a sequel to the classic 1982 movie Tron, sees Jeff Bridges reprise his original role and features a full soundtrack from the French DJs alongside a track, ‘Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)’, by Journey.

Tron: Legacy is released on December 17 on 3D, but fans can see a sneak preview this Thursday (October 28) as part of “Tron Night”.

Cinemas around the country are screening a 20-minute preview, and you can get hold of tickets by heading to and entering the codeword “legacy”.

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