Daft Punk to make appearence in ‘Tron Legacy’ film

French dance duo have also scored the Disney movie

Daft Punk appear in the forthcoming ‘Tron Legacy’ film, according to a fellow cast member.

The appearance by the French dance duo, who have written the soundtrack for the ‘Tron’ remake set for release in the US on December 17 2010, was revealed by actress Olivia Wilde.

Wilde did not give specifics about the role they play, just telling Moviesblog.mtv.com that “they were in the movie.”

She did, however, say that Disney were planning to rope them into doing promotional work for the film at the next Comic-Con – the annual convention celebrating all things related to comics and sci-fi, set to take place in San Diego on July 22-25 next year.

“There’s some ideas in the works about how to incorporate them into a Comic-Con event,” she said.