Daft Punk to write soundtrack for ‘Tron 2.0’

Film set for a 2011 release

Daft Punk are set to work on the soundtrack for ‘Tron 2.0’.

The follow up to the 1982 sci-fi classic is being made by Disney. It will see Jeff Bridges reprise his role as Kevin Flynn, while Joseph Kosinski will direct the film.

The previous film’s director, Steven Lisberger, will return as producer. The film is scheduled for a 2011 release, reports Upcoming Film Scores.

The soundtrack for ‘Tron 2.0’ will be Daft Punk‘s first complete film score. In 2007, the duo released their directorial debut, ‘Daft Punk’s Electroma’.

Famously, The Strokes paid homage to ‘Tron’ in the video for their 2003 single ’12:51′.