A pulsating dance anthem and a country ballad battle it out for top slot in ths week's UK singles chart...

TOPLOADER, GRANDADDY, BADLY DRAWN BOY, WU-TANG CLAN and PJ HARVEY all release singles today (November 13), but this Sunday’s Number One is likely to be a fight between DAFT PUNK and LEANN RIMES.

Daft Punk release their first single in almost two years, ‘One More Time’ today through Virgin, while Leann Rimes releases the Country and Western tinged ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’.

A spokesperson for HMV in London told NME.COM it would be an “unlikely tussle” between these two releases for the Number One position this coming Sunday (November 19). He said: “Leann Rimes has got massive playlist support and it has country crossover appeal. Daft Punk have also had massive playlist exposure, so they should both do very well, with the current top three fighting it out for the positions directly below.”


Other releases this week come from the Wu-Tang Clan, who release their comeback single, ‘Gravel Pit’ through Loud, PJ Harvey, who releases ‘Good Fortune’, the first single from ‘Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’ and Badly Drawn Boy, who re-releases his breakthrough anthem ‘Once Around The Block’ via Twisted Nerve/XL. Also, Toploader re-release ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’, and Californians Grandaddy release ‘He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot’ through V2.

The spokesperson said that all these releases were likely to enter around the Top 20 mark.

In the album charts, the main battle comes between The Beatles’ new Greatest Hits compilation ‘1’ and the Oasis live album ‘Familiar To Millions’. However, the spokesperson predicted that The Beatles should go to Number One easily. He said: “They have a much wider sales appeal so they should go to Number One. The only thing which may prevent it is if customers decide to buy it later in the year as a Christmas present.”

Other high profile album releases today come from Marilyn Manson, with his third studio album ‘Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)’ , Ricky Martin, with ‘Sound Loaded’, and Sade, who releases her first album in eight years, ‘Lovers Rock’. Ex-EastEnders actress Martine McCutcheon also releases her new album, ‘Wishing’ today through Innocent.

NME.COM will bring you updates on chart positions throughout the week, on who is likely to top the charts this coming Sunday (November 19).