Julian Casablancas opens up about ‘super weird’ song he recorded with Daft Punk

Second track Strokes frontman recorded did not make final cut for 'Random Access Memories' album

Julian Casablancas has discussed the second song he recorded with Daft Punk which did not make it onto their 2013 album ‘Random Access Memories’.

The Strokes’ frontman and the French duo worked together on the song ‘Instant Crush’ for last year’s album but, as previously reported, Casablancas recorded a second track with the French duo. Speaking to Revolt TV about the song, Casablancas said that it was “super weird” and similar to jazz.

“It’s cool, weird,” he said. “It’s definitely not one tenth as populicious as ‘Instant Crush’, but it’s just really weird. It’s like a song that just goes up. It’s like four half-steps up, moving, and it’s just that on cycle, on repeat. And it’s super bizarre and it sounds like jazz, modern, weird. It’s weirder than any song on the record that I know of.”

Casablancas recently revealed that he takes little pleasure from playing tracks from The Strokes‘ back-catalogue live. The frontman said that while it’s “still fun to see people react” to the old material live, he doesn’t “feel anything from it” emotionally.

Despite this, the singer did recently confirm that The Strokes will record new material early next year. They have also been confirmed as headliners for Primavera 2015.

The Strokes’ next album will be their sixth full-length LP and the follow-up to 2013’s little-promoted ‘Comedown Machine’.