Thomas Bangalter sees no problem with doing the music for 'Irreversible', espite it's nine-minute rape scene...

DAFT PUNK have defended the controversial French film ‘IRREVERSIBLE’ for which THOMAS BANGALTER provided the soundtrack.

Bangalter, half of French dance duo, wrote the soundtrack to ‘Irreversible’. The film, directed by Gaspar Noe and starring Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel, has attracted controversy for its nine-minute rape scene. It is a revenge story filmed in grainy documentary style.

The film has shocked audiences at early screenings – when it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival 250 people walked out, and 20 people needed oxygen after fainting. When it recently had its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival, one person fainted and several others walked out.


‘Irreversible’ will now face the scrutiny of the British Board Of Film Classification before it can be released in the UK. Director Gaspar Noe has insisted the film will not be released if it is censored.

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter defended the film. He told NME.COM: “Yeah it’s unbearable, it’s horrible, but Gaspard is everything but a fascist. It’s violent all the way, but to me free violence is when you accept it more and more. Here you are in front of something where you can’t accept it and you can’t support it, which is pretty much like how violence is when it’s real and happening to you.”

Bangalter also described the scenes at Cannes: “I was there, it was cool. It was crazy, like people were insulting Gaspard – ‘Son of a bitch, you gonna die!’ Crazy things.”

Daft Punk’s robots will return next year, Bangalter added. “They are fine, we are fine! We are planning more things, in the middle of finishing new stuff and bringing the new things for 2003.”