The band barred presidential candidates from using 'One More Time' as a campaign song...

Daft Punk are the centre of a political storm in France after barring the two main candidates for the upcoming presidential elections from using one of their tracks as a campaign song.

Both incumbents, Jacques Chirac and his left-wing challenger, Lionel Jospin, France’s Prime Minister, had approached the duo asking to use ‘One More Time’ as their campaign song. Daft Punk refused saying they didn’t want their music associated with politics.

However, the band then discovered that Chirac had gone ahead and used it anyway at a number of rallies and hustings. Daft Punk demanded he stop, though they stopped short of taking legal action. Chirac then began using music by acclaimed dance act St. Germain, until they too got wind of what he was up to and forced him to pull the plug. The President switched to more traditional MOR tunes employing the music of veteran Johnny Halliday.

Jospin too settled on less modern music going for Jean Jacques Goldman.

It is not the first time Daft Punk have intervened to stop French politicians taking their music. Jamie Coormarsamy, BBC correspondent in Paris, told NME.COM that an aide of Chirac’s recently used ‘The Music Sounds Better With You’ by Daft Punk side-project, Stardust. The band sued and won. They were awarded a symbolic one franc pay-out by the courts.

The election race reaches a head on April 21 with the first round of voting. The final round, which is expected to feature only Chirac and Jospin, takes place on May 5.