Former Radio 1 boss Matthew Bannister raises the question about what should be the next step for music on the Internet...

NME.COM’s second annual NETSOUNDS Internet music conference has kicked off in LONDON this morning (May 2), with former RADIO 1 boss MATTHEW BANNISTER delivering the opening keynote speech.

Bannister, now chairman and CEO of Trust The DJ, raised the question of what the next step should be for music on the Internet, now that the first tidal wave has broken.

The discussion also touched on technology still being too costly and cumbersome for music fans to get the best out of the net at this stage.

Other subjects raised include how bands can communicate best with their fans through the net, with Daft Punk and Radiohead being held up as two of the best examples.

Two hundred delegates have converged at the Hilton hotel to discuss topics ranging from Internet radio and webcasting to how bands and labels can make the net work for them.

The highlight of today’s seminar will be the arrival of Public Enemy‘s Chuck D, who addresses the conference at 2.15pm, delivering the second keynote speech. As one of the most outspoken advocates of the Internet being used as a means of communication and distribution of music, his speech could well prove to be one of the highlights of the seminar.